Two State Solution Is Immoral, Racist And Inhumane To The Arabs

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  1. ronbarak says:

    without being willing to name to real reason for it. -> without being willing to name the real reason for it.

  2. squibbs2014 says:

    Cannot disagree with any of this. Another excellent analysis. The only thing I can comment on is the section where you noted the greenhouses – they were torn down almost immediately out of spite if memory serves. They had been a gift by an American Jewish benefactor and worth about $14M.

  3. Cathy says:

    Some of the greenhouses were used as tunnel building “covers”, but none were used to continue the lucrative farming industry the Jews left behind. I’ve heard it from the mouths of some of the displaced farmers from Gush Katif that their former Arab workers there plead for the Jews to return so they could have jobs. The Arabs that worked for Jews in the strip were blacklisted and kept unemployed.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      Among many others who cannot find jobs because Hamas does not consider it their responsibility to develop infrastructure and services for the electorate but to continue to wage war against Israel. Sad.

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  2. May 14, 2020

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