Palestinian Identity: Beginning A Serious Study

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7 responses

  1. ronbarak says:

    as it the right of winners, no? -> as is the right of winners, no?

    • Sheri Oz says:

      Thanks. I have missed you — have had to catch my own typos without your help for the last while.

  2. ronbarak says:

    The “Who Is (e.g., Ilana Feldman)?” is usually the first question I ask myself when reading such academic articles, as well as following Cicero ‘cui bono’ dictum.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      It would be good if reviewers did the same before they approve an article for publication, eh?

  3. Tsvi Misinai says:

    Sheri: look please on http://www.the-engagement,org,
    If you are interested in a very serious study send ,me your email details

  4. Si Mac says:

    Well, it was rather amusing seeing you ‘look into academic studies’, as you put it… I think that was my favourite line of all! You have included a portion of one paragraph from one source and then refuted it with an opposing opinion – your own. Do you understand what research is? If you want to be taken seriously, you might try losing words such as ‘supposed’ and ‘ridiculous’ – they highlight bias and make your writing non-credible. I see you’ve described this discussion as a ‘serious’ one. Your arguments here are flimsy, unsupported and meaningless; they are opinion. As a lecturer in Jewish and Israeli studies, I would have returned this piece to you as unacceptable and unmarked. After reading some other articles on this website, I can see why your piece was accepted. Your methods appear to be norm.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      I am likewise amused by your comment — apparently you need remedial help in reading comprehension. This piece was nothing more pretentious than a blog post, an openly biased (as I note at the end of it) opinion piece in fact and not just because you think it is. You obviously have no idea why my piece was “accepted” for publication here: because the entire website is my own and I write just about everything except some invited guest blogs posts.

      You are free to reject this article and I do hope you are more discerning with your students than you have been with me.

      When I submit papers for publication in academic journals, they are complete with sufficient legitimate citations of sources and written in academic style. But that is not the purpose of this website. I suppose, since you had nothing to say about the one sentence I was critiquing in this post, that you perhaps agree that Palestine was once an Arab state or perhaps you do not know whether or not it was. I suggest you do some research on it because if you are teaching Jewish and Israeli studies, you better know that no such state ever existed in all of history.

      I also wonder why you feel the need to hide behind what appears to be a fake name — correct me if I am wrong about this.

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