‘Peace Now’ And Racist Demographics

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  1. Treathyl Fox says:

    Some people lie in wait for an organization to build up a good reputation and then they sneak in and start unraveling the fabric Perhaps they don’t agree with the organization’s agenda and know that they best way is to crumble it is to work at it from “the inside”. My observation is based on your statement “Maybe they were not racist back then …” Maybe the original organizers weren’t. But as organizations grow they take on new people to perform the work. The newcomers may say one thing but do the opposite. It’s like sowing tares among wheat.

    Another observation is that these days there are so many people who bend over backwards just trying to be “politically correct”. It’s an effort to try to keep the peace. Not sure what this organization’s current agenda is but as you say “Working for peace. Who could be against that?” If their main mission is truly to achieve peace, then I hope they continue striving for it. I have to admit the name of the organization is very attractive. When I saw the words “Peace Now”, I was immediately attracted to your blog post and had to come and see.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      Thanks for your comment. In the beginning, Peace Now was a grassroots organization that was sincere and naive. Over the years, they have become anti-Israeli and they are working at undermining Israel by manipulative means that on the surface seem to be for humanitarian goals. They are funded by European governments, the largest portion of which comes the UK. Interestingly, the list of funding sources are available only in Hebrew and that is only because of the new law that states that funding sources must be transparent. I think you must wonder about an organization’s real goals when you see that the money is coming only from foreign government’s with a specific political agenda.

      • Treathyl Fox says:

        I totally understand. Whenever money comes from a government, I am always suspect. For example, during the administration of Bush Jr.., they wanted to initiate funding for faith-based operations. I was and still am totally against it. As a Christian, our faith-based acts should be free will offerings to God. We don’t need and should not accept funding from the government to support our acts of benevolence and charity.

        Jesus said “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s.” To me that clearly draws the line.

        As soon as the government starts providing funds to support or help or assist the works of the church, I have no doubt the government is not supplying that money with “no strings attached”. The next thing they will want and expect for you to do is to compromise your faith and your belief system to serve or support something that supports their “political agenda”. If you object they will threaten to cut off funding. I’m like: ‘Well if the church (i.e. the faith-based organization) had kept Caesar and God separate, no such threat could be made.’

        When governments get involved, specifically if the American government gets involved, I don’t think they can give funds with “no strings attached”. That money comes from taxpaying citizens and they may not want their tax dollars supporting faith-based works. They have a right to object. I strongly believe that funds from the government to support our acts of faith should be REFUSED. That way the work of God can not be compromised or corrupted by a work of the government.

        I agree with you. A money trail usually always leads to revealing an organization’s true purpose and intent.

  2. Ken Besig says:

    The Palestinians have only one goal in mind regarding peace, the genocide of every Jew they can find and the absolute destruction of the Jewish State of Israel. That is the entire negotiating platform of the Palestinians and the Arab world in general. No people, especially the Jews, can argue with groups who publicly proclaim their deep desire to do all in their power to slaughter every Jew man, woman, child, teen age girls, little Jewish babies in their mother’s arms. The Arabs want all the Jews dead and Israel destroyed, now how do you argue with deranged killers like them?

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