Silwan: Judaizing or Preventing the Palestinianization of What was Never Palestinian

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  1. Drew says:


    You do know that the Assyrians dealt its final death blow to the Northern Kingdom of Israel in about 730 B.C.E. and that the ancient Hebrew population that lived there was lost to history, becoming the famous lost 10 tribes of Israel?

    So modern Jews aren’t returning to the land where that kingdom existed, even if it was possible to return somewhere after 2650 years, which it plainly is not.

    I don’t think the Muslim invaders tried to wipe out the indigenous population in the lands that they conquered. The Europeans committed genocides in the entirety of the Americas. Of course, all conquests are wrongful, including the modern Zionist conquest and its dispossession of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and cordoning off of about 5 million human beings.

  2. Drew says:

    You know, your utter lack of empathy for that 5 year old girl that I described in a prior post, and your labeling her collateral damage, told me pretty much everything I needed to know about you.such dehumanization.

    Your lack of knowledge about the history of Israel, and your bigoted, racist views, complete the picture.

    I will endeavor to not comment anymore since interacting with you is fruitless.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      The fact that the Assyrians exiled and killed the ten lost tribes is irrelevant because of the survival of the Kingdom of Israel from which we are descended. No, the Muslim invaders did not try to wipe out indigenous populations, they converted them to Islam. A kind of genocide in itself. Some of these, such as the Amazigh of Morocco survived because of their isolation and they are trying to regain sovereignty over at least part of their land, or at lest autonomy.

      I feel badly for that 5 YO girl but I will not apologize for having won the war that the adults who were responsible for her people waged against us. Why have they made the Palestinian refugees different from the millions of other refugees around the world? Why are all others settled in other countries but there is no intention of settling the Palestinians anywhere but in the Land of Israel?

      I am glad you will not comment anymore because your comments have nothing to do with the article under which you comment. You are only seeking to convince me that Israel has no right to exist.

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