Naima Nas: Deliverance – Islam NOT Islamism

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  1. Dr. Michelle Harrison says:

    Thank you for your perspective, and I do agree. “If you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem.” Sorry isn’t enough in the face of slaughter.

  2. John millen says:

    A short and admittedly inadequate reply. No discussion of Islam as it functions on the world stage can be complete without factoring in the bellicose militaristic foreign policy of the U.S. Who for decades has pushed and shoved these and many other people around without mercy without any interest or concern for the inevitable blowback. Is it any wonder that extreme hard line sentiments gain traction within groups so besieged.

    • Naima says:

      ” as Muslims we are all one body in terms of responsibility. And while most of us are not in anyway culpable for the horrors , we are required to ache because of that harm. Also not to hang our failings on others. So whether or not others have done us wrong. We are not supposed to lose our humanity over it ” !

    • Rita says:

      John Millen: Your reply is thankfully short but it is more than “inadequate” – it is an insult to anyone who has walked upright (morally, ethically and intellectually) for longer than one generation.

  3. Jody Frank says:

    Naima Nas, thank you for your wise, knowledgeable, and sensible take on things. Personally, it upsets me to think of a wonderful person like you feeling pressure to apologize for what ignorant, monstrous thugs do. At the same time, I’m very glad that every religion–and perhaps especially Islam and Judaism today–has thoughtful, knowledgeable, and spiritual interpreters and reformers like you.

  4. Steve Blowers says:

    Struggling to make sense of this. the first thing that strikes me is this concept of Islam needing to reform itself from within. An historical precedent exists for this in another religion – the Roman catholic church. I use the word, religion, for a reason. Religion is not faith. In the 16th century, the Reformers in Europe attempted to correct the abuses of the Roman church which gave birth to the Reformed Protestant churches. Apart from some differences in doctrine and practice, the two churches are today largely indistinguishable and the Ecumenical movement represents a move back to the Roman church. My point I wish to make here, is that you cannot reform that which is nonreformable. The Roman church is based on the lie that Peter the Apostle is the rock on which the church is built. Not so. Jesus is the rock.

    How did Islam spread in the Classical world, and why did it spread so fast? Your article is an apologetic for a religion which spread at the point of a sword. How can something so rotten be reformed by its own exponents. People fear Islam because its very nature and history is one of subjugation and/or death.

    To characterise the majority of the adherents of Islam as “the New Jew” is not only an affront to the thousands of real Jews that Muslims have slaughtered over the centuries, but shows a gross misunderstanding of of the story of Avraham, whose name you invoke, and his descendants.

    Islam is by its very nature, a murdering political ideology. It has used knives and swords since the beginning, has killed millions, and still kills today in furtherance of its aims. The fact that the Jews still survive ought to give you some pause for thought. To compare yourselves to them is odious. In my view, the world should wake up to the fact that it fears Islam because of its very nature, conquer that fear and rise up to defeat Islam once and for all and wipe it off the face of the earth.

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