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youth who resist joining terrorist organizations 1

Youth Who Resist Joining Terror Organizations

Most researchers studying terrorist recruitment ask how they entice members who are willing to commit horrendous violent crimes in the name of Islam. Political scientist Kim Cragin and colleagues at Rand approach the topic...

terrorism and Islam - a plea for honesty 4

Terrorism And Islam: A Plea For Honesty

Why should Obama and Clinton link terrorism and Islam when so many academicians pontificate about how suicide bombings have nothing to do with the religion? Why should anyone think terrorism is related to Islam...

NWSA hypocritical boycott of Israel 0

Hypocrisy of the NWSA Boycott of Israel

The NWSA (National Women’s Studies Association), in a statement copied below this article, claims to be part of “a transformative and critical field” that pursue[s] a just world in which all persons can develop...