Occupied Hebron? You really do not get it, do you?

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  1. anneinpt says:

    What bothers me most is the historical ignorance of Israel’s leftists, who don’t understand what Hebron means to the Jewish people.

    At the same time, they swallow the “historical narrative” of the Palestinians who claim every last bit of land, as you so clearly pointed out. They never explain why the Palestinian narrative is more legitimate and more accurate than the Jewish narrative – even when our history is documented in thousands of ways.

    I would shake my head sadly and say “Stockholm syndrome” but it’s much worse, because it is so dangerous. They have become almost a 5th column in our country, and while their influence within Israel is small, they are a very real danger when they work with international parties.

    What is the answer though? How do we cope with them?

  1. November 12, 2021

    […] to make Jews guilty of incitement to violence or having started it. Will Raz say the same thing when they come to claim his home in […]

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