Israeli Jews And Palestinian Arabs: Make Friends Not War

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  1. She probably figures they will kill her last.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      Or not at all. Actually, I think she thinks she has the formula for resolving our problems. Just like each other — is that so hard?

  2. Michael Dar says:

    Very few Muslim and Arabs in general could sincerely, honestly, profoundly become friends with Jews (and other infidels) and at the same time stick to the Koran and follow the “instructions” of Mohamed regarding their relation with the sons of apes and pigs. Just as Islam and Sharia Law are incompatible with Democracy and Western Civilization so is the relation between Jews and Arabs equally problematic. Arabs who meet and befriend Jews do that, for a reason or have a specific interest in doing so…it is seldom out of true friendship or the desire to reach out to the Jews. That being said more and more Israeli Arabs love, respect and identify with the Jewish state….and with those a sincere partnership and genuine friendship could be build.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      This is sad but true, about those who believe in Sharia Law being unable to truly befriend the dhimmi others. Moslems promoting reform, on the other hand, and secular Moslems, that is a whole other story, as you say.

  3. Excellent article. It concurs with many of my own experiences of naive leftists in Israel. Interestingly that iconic image of the Jewish and Arab boys is as much a fraud as the rest of the leftist ‘peace’ narrative. See:

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