Indigenous Upstart Nation, Israel, Scares World Leaders

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  1. Michael Dar says:

    That could be one of the reasons but why would they than want to create a state for an invented people that never existed in history? I think there is much more to it. Hatred for the Jews has been around in the world for thousands of years. That is for sure a major reason. The world, in fact never really wanted to create that Jewish state in 1947 which they later considered to be an historic mistake which must be corrected and reversed…that evil process is progressively going on for several decades already and is nowadays in full swing.

  2. Tedy SHALEV says:

    Yes you are very right Sheri, but as Michael Dar had put it (above) the Jews hate is still the one that drives much of the world politics as well as its underlying currents. Unfortunately, humanity has not yet seen the light and I very much doubt that it will ever.

  3. Brian Huggett says:

    I would disagree. The reason is spiritual not secular. The reason for antisemitism (a misnomer for the Arabs are also Semitic) is because the ungodly world see in the continuing survival of God’s CHOSEN people, God’s own irrefutable existence. Do away with the Jews and (they think) it will do away with God.

    • I’d say that process involves something lower than conscious thought. Do away with God? Anyone’s conscious mind has to know that’s nonsense whether one believes or not. Nah, definitely some way murkier under-thought process.

  4. C’est bien possible, tres bien possible.

  5. Michael Dar says:

    This is of course again a brilliant article from Sheri Oz which makes sense. I am mad at myself for not having thought of that myself! Indeed in the modern era we witness a delirious fury to impose artificial, un-natural concepts as universalism, globalisation,multiculturalism, diversity, abolition of borders, drive to abolish racial-traditional-religious-spiritual specificities etc. An attempt to put the whole world under one universal government and put us all in a melting pot to produce human robots obeying to an unique so called New Word Order… If that is their real intention, which shows and is not unrealistic to believe Israel’s revival is for sure a barrier delaying that evil universal hegemonic project…and a forerunner for the awakening of scores of other nations who definitely have human and legal rights to self determination and to be given their independent states.

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