War against Hamas, Part III: Hamas lies exposed

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  1. Vivian says:


    Infant photos at Shifa are not believable
    Over the past couple of days, we’ve seen photos like these out of Shifa hospital:

    The caption from Reuters says, “Newborn babies in al-Shifa hospital are swaddled and laid down seven or eight to a bed in a desperate effort to keep them warm and alive.”

    But if you want to keep the babies warm without an incubator, you would swaddle all of them – not leave some naked. You would cover their heads with the knit caps some of us are familiar with.Or, ideally, you would find people to hold them – preferably their mothers – and give them skin to skin contact to keep them warm.

    You don’t just lie them on a bed, some of them without clothes, one of them (who does not look premature or sickly at all) with their face pushed up against the sharp corner of a box.

    This is not treating premature babies. This is abusing them for a photo-op.

    Another photo of babies from Shifa hospital shows something interesting:

    There is equipment and lights in the background that is clearly running on – electricity. ..


    Aviva Klompas @AvivaKlompas:

    A photo of Gaza babies has appeared all over social media saying they were taken out of their incubators because the hospital doesn’t have electricity.

    The thing is there’s also an uncropped photo that clearly shows a functional electrical monitor in the background.

    Did Hamas endanger these babies for their propaganda war.
    Nov 12, 2023


    Flashback to January 2008:

    LIARS in ACTION in Gaza – (and ..ckers will buy the lies as usual)
    Look at these telling photos: http://rotter.net/forum/scoops1/16576.shtml#25
    Poor Palestinians have to be with candles everywhere; in the streets, in conference rooms, even babies in incubators! Or, can it be a staged lie?! Watch the windows and the artificial lights on the photos made with wider angles …
    How sad! The only problem is that for seeing the candle-lights they had to darken all these rooms with shades first, and in the street they forgot to turn off the advertisement lights.
    Look at all these fakes in the really telling photos by the AP and Reuters…
    Liars are in action as usual, and ..ckers will buy their lies as usual…

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