Exposed! One of the magic tricks played by Arabs in Judea and Samaria

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  1. November 15, 2021

    […] It does not look like the brick structure was one that lended itself to being set on fire. If a fire did start, it was likely tires that were aflame. The presence of these tires validates part of the story Elhanan Gruner tells below. In any case, one must wonder what tires are doing around this “agricultural” (?) structure. Is this a junk yard pile? Is this a collection of flammable materials to be used for nefarious purposes? If this is agricultural land, what are they doing here like this? I turned to Regavim spokeswoman, Naomi Kahn, and her answer deserved a separate article in order not to make this one too long. You can read it here. […]

  2. November 25, 2021

    […] and premeditation of attacks against Jewish settlers that were then blamed on the Jews (here and here) and deliberate manipulation of the press by a well-known anti-Israeli agitator who faked having […]

  3. December 2, 2021

    […] They make no note of open provocation on the part of leftwing Israeli organizations, nor of obvious evidence of premeditation on the part of Arabs who instigate violence, nor of Pallywood — deliberate faking of injuries […]

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