Deal of the Century: Changing the Language If Not Much Else

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  1. The Israeli Left cannot agree to the bit about the triangle Arabs. Without them, the Right has an unquestioned majority of the Knesset.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      Except that it gives those citizens the right to determine for themselves what they want. If “the Left” does not agree to that, then they are patronizing. Hmmm.

  2. Michael Dar says:

    The main reservation I have about giving them the “Triangle” is the fact that it is too close to Israeli towns like Afula, Hadera, kibboutzim etc. in the region. Besides the fact of course that the land historically, morally, traditionally, sentimentally , religiously and indeed legally belongs to the Jews. Also I suppose no Israeli Arab right in his mind would want to live under the PA, Fatah, Hamas..they have it damn too good in Israel!

    • Sheri Oz says:

      I believe this paragraph was actually tongue-in-cheek and calling their bluff. There is no way they want to be under PA rule.

      • Libbee S Home says:

        As they proved when Liberman proposed it a few years ago.

        Which is why I think this sentence is very optimistic: “If they vote to remain in Israel, then I anticipate a change in attitude and increased engagement in our Israeli way of life.”

        Thanks for doing this work on our behalf, Sheri.

  3. Lee says:

    You stated, “The United States has given Israel the green light to finally declare our sovereignty over our own lands,” Why does Israel, a sovereign nation, need the permission of the United States — or any nation, for that matter — to annex its own land? What has the US ‘given’ to Israel in this deal that they couldn’t do on their own?

    • Sheri Oz says:

      You are right to ask this. We, as a sovereign nation, could have, should have, done this on our own (and done it way back in 1967). But we did not do it then, when it would have seemed most right in the eyes of the rest of the world. In the meantime, the Palestinian Arabs have built up such a propaganda force that the rest of the world would not see the justification of such a move today. The USA, in this document, has declared that it is our right and that they will give us cover in the UN for this move.

  4. Ralph George Bear Klein says:

    Trump plan will not bring about peace unless Pal-Arabs turn into Finns in next 4 years as they would have to recognize that the plan would grant them a better life by agreeing to live as peaceful neighbors to the Jewish State of Israel. They could create Costa Rica in the Middle-East. Instead so far we have 1000 Abbas NOs and Hamas sitting in the same room with Fatah to plan how many different verbal or violent ways they can so NO!

    Trump plan positives it changes parameters of:

    Pal Right of Return (NONE)
    Jordan Valley as Israel’s Eastern Border
    Puts onus on Pals to stop terrorism & funding it if they want a State
    Allows Israelis to apply sovereignty to all “Settlements” Plus Jordan Valley
    Allows Israelis to keep building per their law in all existing settlements plus E1 (Maalah Adumim)
    Puts in Writing a Demand of de-militarized Pal State if they want to be a state
    Demands Hamas (& Gaza) demilitarize and turn in weapons + come under control of PA before a state would be in consideration:
    Requires Pals to agree to a Jewish State before Pal Statehood
    Requires Pals to agree to Israeli Security in all land west of the Jordan River
    Israeli sovereignty over all settlements plus Jordan Valley will recognized as soon as Israel applies its civil law.

    Horrible Points:
    Tunnel from Gaza would be a danger to Hebron would be a danger to Israel. Israel just spent lots of money and time coming up with an anti-Tunnel system.

    15 Settlements would be in danger as Isolated.
    Israel would be required to give up open spaces in Judea and Samaria plus land in Negev

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