Itamar Taxel: Combatting Accusations of Israeli Colonialism

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2 responses

  1. Jon wright says:

    Without finishing his article I quit some where he refers to a palestinian state. I hope he’s referring to the Jewish palestinian state and not to an Arab one. Which does not exist as the arabs were labeled palest. In 1964 by arafat,abass and over seen by the KGB. THIS WAS A TACTICAL MOVE BY THE ARABS TO BECOME ABORIGINALS AND SO THEY THOUGHT WILL ENTITLE THEM TO LANDS OF ISRAEL. ALL A FRAUD. THEY HAVE NO HISTORY,LANGUAGE AND CULTURE EXACTLY ARAB. NO STATE BUT NOTHING BUT SQUATTERS IN ISRAEL. I GAVE UP ON A HIS DISSERTATION AS I DIDNT APRECIATE HIS PALEST. REFERENCES

    • Sheri Oz says:

      It is too bad that you did not read all the way through. I wrote at the start of my critique that in spite of the fact that he refers to Israel as “Palestine”, he gives proof of the fact that the Jews are the indigenous people of the Land of Israel. Try reading it again and you will see that.

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