An innocent Gazan civilian who hates Hamas – Really!

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6 responses

  1. Israel Pickholtz says:

    I read enough to sense that he is not serious.

  2. Also, the IDF does NOT carpet bomb houses. We don’t kill Chamas to cool the rage. Most of the killed are NOT civilians. NOT a thousand of them are children. NOT entire neighborhoods were wiped out. And on and on. This is a known trick of liars. They admit to something bad and then also tell a lot of lies. The admission must make the lies believable. THis is a fake message from sone who doesn’t even exist to spread lies about Israel and the IDF.

  3. Fulvio Miceli says:

    I knew the story from this Haaretz article. And it appears to be a real person. Sheri Oz’s response to Alnaouq’s remarks seems to me to be at the same time very firm and very respectful. Thank you for this opportunity for reflection.

  4. Fulvio Miceli says:

    “To Ishmail’ s remarks”, my mistake

  5. Shimshy Stanton says:

    All these accounts are fake propagandists. Like the peace activist who were really Hamas operatives. Don’t be fooled by them.

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