Academic Research: Equality Among Arab and Jewish Nurses in Israel?

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  1. Michael Dar says:

    My opinion is that some academics just chose any borderline ( generally politically correct oriented) subject which can easily be turned into a bigger issue than it really is. For sure meant to discredit Israel. It’s an arrogant attempt to still remain relevant in an obvious highly politicized leftist ideological elitist academia. Why do they never make a study about the quite successful integration of the Arab minority in all spheres of Israeli society?

    • Sheri Oz says:

      That is a good question. I think that a study like that would prove ultimately more useful for promoting peace and giving an example to other hot spots around thw world for how it is done.

  2. If the people they call “Palestinians” are Israeli citizens, as you imply, that’s plain deception. We have become accustomed to using that term to refer to residents of the Palestinian Authority, not citizens of Israel.

  1. February 22, 2020

    […] The title aroused my interest. As a retired psychotherapist, and one who is currently engaged in exploring the interactions between domestic and regional politics and Israeli society, I was hoping this journal might offer me a fruitful place to find academic research deepening my understanding of important issues. I was very disappointed with what I found. Here are critiques of the first two articles I read among recently published papers. The first article is examined below (and the second can be found here). […]

  2. April 15, 2020

    […] mean the one that has you, Ahmad Tibi, as Deputy Speaker of the Knesset? Or is it the one that has Arab doctors as heads of departments in Israeli hospitals? Of course there are many instance of interpersonal discrimination but they are against the law and […]

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