Yisrael Katz: Belgian Chocolate and Terrorism

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2 responses

  1. Holly Day says:

    The media and their “two speed emotions” irritate me a lot! This is a case of ‘looking at the speck in someone else’s eye and failing to see the plank in their own eye’.

  2. Ymen says:

    Here’s my take on this as a Belgian: Katz was right. And such types of arrows should be pulled in our hearts more often. Belgians are in full denial. A criminal denial. European victims are also in full denial – French government isn’t more awaken than the Belgian one, yet they don’t eat chocolate wink emoticon

    Well he should have emphasized on the Belgian government trying to please the globalization leaders and European organizations instead of talking about eating chocolate. Belgium has always wanted to be the good schoolboy. The winner of the class. They often failed – often decades behind other countries when it comes to open their eyes and face reality.

    Now, with Germany leading the EU and imposing all these so-called refugees (but actual exogenous population that hates us with a passion, rejects assimilation, integration and even the simplest respect of our customs), did we have a choice? Not sure…

    We lost our sovereignty to the profit of… who? The EU, the USA, the Arabs…?

    Belgians also see their lands as a land of Cockaigne (is that the right term for “cocagne”?) So nothing can happen here. Full denial, once again.

    Also I built a theory last week – I built theories every day actually. Why did Belgian authorities and leaders let the situation go so far, closed their eyes on what these exogenous populations did and planned? Why are we the terrorists’ HQ?

    I thought it might be because they didn’t want to put their people in danger – provided that attacks are planned to hit other countries, that they didn’t arrest any potential terrorist (under the reason of “human rights”), look else where when something happens and then admit they failed, they apologize and then keep on closing their eyes. However, even though we didn’t take part to lots of US ventures in ME, we were forced to agree to Arabia’s will to fight the IS. And thus, signed our death sentence. It’s just a theory, one of the many I already considered.

    All I see nowadays, more than one week after the attacks in Brussels is that pro-islam propaganda is still in full motion through our medias, measures don’t seem to be taken, safety and prevention laws are still hard to pass, potential criminals are still in the nature and if arrested, freed within 24 hours, airports and train stations aren’t safe – +/- no control – although France claimed state of emergency after the 13th November attacks, Belgium is still at alert level 3 (level 4 only for the government’s buildings – the people don’t matter). Personally I’m ready to give up part of the “democracy” to ensure my family’s safety and I want my country to launch a program similar to the state of emergency.

    This is my opinion, probably not shared by my fellows – and if they share it, they remain silent about it as they’re frightened.

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