What’s Wrong With Israeli Nationalism?

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  1. sheldan says:

    One of the books I have at home is Daniel Gordis’ “Saving Israel.” In one chapter, he recalls his attending an Episcopal school where the headmaster told all the students, “Gentlemen, bow your heads.” Gordis’ parents had an agreement with the school that he was exempt from participating in prayers, and when the headmaster asked why he was not participating, Gordis stood his ground. Gordis also noted that although the school made him welcome, they were in no way changing what they were to accommodate him.

    That is the attitude Israel should have. Israel is a Jewish state, but Muslims and Christians have full rights. Nevertheless, the world should not expect Israel to change its Jewish character (national anthem, holidays, etc.) for their minorities (especially the Arabs) and they are fully within their rights to pass the Nationality Law to ensure that Israel remains a Jewish state.

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