What we need to know about Hezbollah (but are afraid to know)

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  1. moshe dann says:

    Excellent synopsis, and I share your concerns. Will the international community confront Hezbollah? After the recent UN vote to upgrade the status of Palestinian terror organizations at the UN, it’s clear that it and the international community will do nothing to stop Hezbollah, or any other terrorist Iranian proxy. They will do nothing to protect Israel.

  2. One of the biggest conceptual problems that has dogged us since 1948 is our willful and wishful denial of this fact: if we want to live here we will always be at war.
    Moshe Dayan’s generosity to the Palestinians in 1967 with regard to the Temple Mount, Oslo, the Gaza “conseptzia” and countless other policies and decisions made on the basis that we can somehow influence the Arabs to understand that peace is actually in their interest have brought us thousands of dead Jews, not peace.
    Some, but not all, Israelis have finally come to understand this after 7 October. The Americans are far from understanding, and I think they will never get it.
    Yes, it’s depressing. As Mr. Defeatist, Ehud Olmert, said, “we are tired…”
    Every Israeli wants peace. But Islam is not changing in the near future, if ever. Muslims will not accept a Jewish sovereign entity in dar al-Islam. The only way to keep our state is to be prepared to fight at any time. The only way to have peace is to be so much stronger than our enemies that they will be too afraid to attack us. And we have to prove it every once in a while.
    It is not impossible to live this way, and I think it’s better to be a militarist society that is prepared, than to pretend that we can be at peace — and then get surprises like 7 October.

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