Watch Your Language, Ynetnews!

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  1. Lynne Marton says:

    Sheri, this is what I have also been saying and commenting about for quite a while. By us using “west bank” it legitimises the term. It gives me a good feeling to see that there are others thinking the same.
    I also would like to see the term “palestinians” done away with. They are Arabs – plain and simple. They came from Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Even many of their own people refute the term. It can be seen in many videos and read in many articles. Arafat, in 1967, gave the Arabs that name in order to justify his war with Yisrael. Previous to that from Yisrael’s rebirth in 1948, the Arabs refused the term – it’s written on posts and in videos. And we, as Jews, have played into this fantasy since its inception. WE are the true Palestinians – no others can claim it. That name first dates back to when the Romans conquered us and renamed the land Syria-Palestina – giving US the Jews – the name Palestinians – as a way of eradicating our historical connection to the land. Then centuries later, the British defeated the Ottoman Empire and renamed our land the Palestine Mandate, as an obvious derogatory term for the Jews and again, as a way of eradicating our historical connection. Boy! Didn’t they just love us??? So, that hated term was used for us – the Jews – not the Arabs. The Arabs started coming in to our land when they saw the opportunities that were available since we made the desert arable – and were developing OUR country. This brings me back to the beginning of this paragraph when I mentioned where these Arabs originally came from. So, on that note, before I continue my “book”, I’ll end this. I hope you do see my point.

  1. August 20, 2021

    […] is possible to call Judea and Samaria by that name and still believe in the two-state-solution. As I wrote in an article in […]

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