A Trip To Jericho With IPCRI

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8 responses

  1. Ron Barak says:

    sands and hills that tell them stories -> sands and hills that tell their stories

  2. Steve Blowers says:

    That map is quite bizarre. I have reached the conclusion there is no political solution. No solution in 67 years means you have to look elsewhere for the answer.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      I don’t really understand how the negotiating team came up with a map like this – after all, it was drawn up by representatives of both sides.

  3. Steve Blowers says:

    Do you believe the story of Isaac and Ishmael has any bearing on these events. Jealousy is a terrible thing, never give in to it.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      Many siblings fight (sometimes to the death) to take over their other siblings’ portion of the inheritance. It is always an ugly thing to see.

  4. Dina Grossman Kjaergaard says:

    When I explain the Oslo areas I talk about A and B communities surrounded by a sea of C. What a mess!

    You explain this so beautifully I will share this (and many of your other articles) widely, broadly, and joyfully. Thank you.

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