The Infection We Seem Unable to Get Over

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  1. Actually, I think her comment, as you quoted it, implies a prejudice, that the Iranian wouldn’t even try because his mother is just a woman… maybe i’m totally off base though…

    • Sheri Oz says:

      That thought never crossed my mind. But unless his mother somehow “dishonoured” the family, he would hold her in very high regard.

  2. George_Banner says:

    One would think that a 21st Jew would know how to hate.

    Or maybe 2000 years of the most ferocious both Christian and pisslim persecutions, tortures, the grossest of abuses and genocide would so much have changed the people of Flavius Josephus and Masada that hate turned in our damaged minds into some kind of existential no-no that we don’t dare to practice, anymore.

    The dark gallows Holocaust humor one comes back to mind: two old naked european Jews are waiting to be shot by a nazi german death squad by an open grave in 1944 germany when one cries out “nazi scum!!!” and the other goes “shush! . . . you are gonna make them angry at us!!”

    Yeah. Don’t make the goyim angry at us.

    They might not like us.

    G_d forbid! They might even hate us!!

    And we are supposed to be intelligent.

    If this be intelligent we’d better be retards.

    Or maybe, we are?

    These two posts inspired me to write this comments of mine:

    “The Infection We Seem Unable to Get Over _ Israel Diaries.htm”

    “Israel’s First Step as a Modern Nation Appeasement! _ Israel Diaries.htm”

    Israel is dying of the “nice”

    Israel can’t even decide on getting for itself the weapons it needs to survive because it is busy trying to build “nice” weapons that don’t hurt people’s fee-feez.

    All this stupid effort on drones while Israel still doesn’t have missile artillery.

    Drones are a weapon of the “nice” that tries to limit collateral damage.

    Missile artillery is a weapon of enemy flattening and conquest.

    We know what Israelis prefer


    Israel is committing suicide.

    And one of the reasons is this “nice” thing, this Stockholm Syndrome towards all Jew-haters, including the ocean out there of ex-Jews-come-leftoxenomorph-Jew-haters, all, ALL OF THEM, bent on killing Jews.

    Enough already!!!

    Learn to hate, will you?

    And learn to make your war efforts effective.

    There are three things that Israel needs instead of the “nice”:
    (1) focus, (2) ruthlessness and (3) cruelty.

    Israel is committing suicide.

    Wake up before you go join Carthage.

    Israel’s survival is not a metaphysically given.

    Israel CAN die.

    There CAN be a 2nd Holocaust.

    And you will have brought it on yourselves.

    “Cause of death”: suicide.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      I am happy you were inspired by two of my posts. And I agree with all that you say except for you saying that we need to hate. We can be focused, ruthless and cruel without hating. And I think we can be focused and ruthless without being purposefully cruel. Acts of self-defence can be regarded as cruel if taken out of context. A wife killing her husband is cruel if you take it out of the context of the unrelenting abuse she suffered at his hand and how she was sure that this time he was going to kill her. Of course, she should have left him at first sign of violence, but psychologically that is not always possible for her to do. So perhaps the more apt comparison is with the battered wife rather than Stockholm Syndrome.

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