Tal Hartuv: “And God saw it was bad”

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3 responses

  1. Lise Rosenthal says:

    Tal, gut wrenching eloquence.

  2. Alexa Julius says:

    Dearest Tal , I saw the fox interview today for the first time. Reading this too ,it’s hard to continue my day here in a peaceful Australia.
    I’m beyond tears for you ,your friend & your people. You’re right ,there are no words to express the abhorrent evil that these flat out terrorists believe in & carry out .
    I feel compelled to make a heartfelt gesture of thanks & support to you & all the many decent people of Australia.
    I am originally from UK & am horrified at the gutless leadership I’m seeing there. . I know Im merely reiterating your words ,but Pro Palestinian marches in London being allowed with the vitriol they’re sprouting & NO ACTION. It’s unbelievable.
    They’re are no 2 sides here.
    Futile ,but I can only apologise for the complete lack of proper placed humanity there .
    I wanted to post a comment just to add my love ,support & prayers for all Jewish people.

    I pray you find some joy in your life. Thank you for your strength & energy & for making it quite clear which Dr saved you. Your an inspiration. God bless ,Lexi

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