Takah Killing Stirs the Pot – Racism Floats to the Surface

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4 responses

  1. You win my admiration once again for your willingness to challenge even yourself in your search for the truth. It is also such an echo of what goes on in the US. The facts of each case only matter to that case.

  2. Michael Dar says:

    Is there Racism and discrimination in Israel? Well of course there is, but no more nor less than in any free, civilized western society. But for sure infinitely less than in Arab-Muslim countries and anywhere else in Africa. The problem with that tragic event is that it was, as always, mediatized, politicized exploited by Anarchists, foreign elements, other minorities to steer unrests and chaos to hurt Israel.

  3. Berel Dov Lerner says:

    Add to your list of unimportant details that ballistic tests support the policeman’s claim that he shot a warning shot at the ground and the victim was hit by a ricocheting fragment of the bullet. More generally, I think you have missed an important factor in the way Israelis in general interact with Ethiopian Israelis: people think they may be dealing with an illegal African alien.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      I did mention that the policeman’s version was substantiated. And that is a good point, that some Israelis may conflate between Ethiopian Israelis and illegal African migrants. Somehow, however, I do believe that is a small minority of the racist individuals.

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