Stav Shaffir: Asking for a Revolution

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  1. AKUS says:

    I don’t care to watch it. Reading about it is bad enough.

    The “J Street Gala” – a wonderful opportunity for everyone in the USA and beyond to come and advise and condemn Israel.

    They disgust me, specially the Jews among them. The Arabs using J Street I can understand, but the Jews doing it make me feel ill.

  2. Andi Jack says:

    Nobody is condemning Right in Israel at J Street Gala, they only spoke the truth. It is true the Right signed peace agreement with PLO, but since then the politics of the Right has returned to its own political vomit, just as “A DOG RETURNS TO ITS OWN VOMIT,” and, “A sow, after washing, returns to wallowing in the mire.”

    • Sheri Oz says:

      I generally do not allow disgusting comments on my articles. However, I decided to allow yours. You add nothing to the discussion. You apparently did not even read the article properly since I talked about a peace agreement with Egypt and not with the PLO. But never mind, seems you are just interested in throwing mud. It makes your ability to judge the “truth” versus “lies” quite suspect.

    • Sam Liron says:

      Andi, you are full of yourself, J street is NOT a pro-Israel body and hardly can be defined as a zionist organization. As an American organization is has NO business telling Israelis how to live their live, or what political party to support. all yours and J-street talk is just hot air, when an organization get funding from “Israel supporter” the like of the Jewish billionaire Soros who revealed to the Nazis the names of his Jewish friends and their addresses, PLEASE, tell us how he is a ‘friend of the Jewish people” this guy as much of many of the folls associated with J-street and its affiliate NIF are implants of the devious Obama and his attempts to separate and conquer the american Jewish community and his intervening in Israel’s internal politics by ‘sponsoring’ V15 group to bring Bibi N. down and put the wimp Herzog in the helm of a puppet government, similar to Clinton helping E. Barak to topple Likud and bring about the shameful Camp David capitulation, the fortunately to Israel Arafat saves us….. go fly a kite, the wind may play with you better.

  3. Elinore Koenigsfeld says:

    Good points. Now I see precisely what you mean by Stav not being well informed. I hope we can get away from ‘right” and “left”–it gets in the way of “just” and “workable”. We can find the common base we need for a better future, if that is our main goal–not walking around with blinders to the damage the present situation does to us all. When we can stop seeing politics as “us” and “other”–we’ll be on our way.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      You make a very strong argument. We definitely should be getting away from “right” and “left” and to “just” and “workable”.

  4. Ron Barak says:

    Shaffir had not yet been born yet
    anyone else who things they could do better

  5. Sam Liron says:

    Shafir is just a delusional ‘know it all’ like many naive liberal youngsters that believe they know the Jewish history and yet to learn rather then call for revolution. To learn you better LISTEN to your elderly sages, this why god gave us two ears and ONE mouth, so we can ask questions rather than lecture!
    When you young if you are not liberal, you have NO HEART, as you matured if you still a LIBERAL, you have NO BRAIN!

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