(Second) Partition Plan Made Simple

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  1. I agree with you, Israel should have the courage to annexe the land to which they have an unassailable right. I was discussing this recently with someone online. They characterised the late 19th century immigrants to Palestine as, “thugs with guns,” bent on dispossessing the land of its inhabitants. I just wish that people would take the time to read and understand the history of the re establishment of Israel. They would come to understand that you fought for the land with blood, sweat and tears, that the land rightfully belongs to the Jews. You have probably heard of the uproar in Britain that the Labour Party have finally been brought to account by the Board of Deputies over their institutionalised antisemitism. Labour brought this on themselves because of their obsessive hatred of Israel. Britain as a country is accountable for having turned its back on the Balfour Declaration, for helping to promote the establishment of the fake nation of Palestine.It was Britain who gave up on the Mandate entrusted to them, who turned the issue over to the United Nations, who came up with UN181 proposing partition. Israel did the right thing in 1947 and the wrong thing in 1967. Britain has been reaping its just rewards. I believe Israel will yet be vindicated. Thank you for all you write to help get the facts out there.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      I am glad you find value in what I write. I find the real history fascinating and not just a little troubling.

  2. Just writing to say thank you for another excellent, informative, inspiring post, Sheri.

  3. anneinpt says:

    Excellent summary Sheri. You have laid out the history of the Partition Plan very clearly and concisely.

    And you are so right about the way Israel conducts itself, or rather, conducted itself, up until Oslo. The only good thing to come out of Oslo – at the cost of over 1,000 Israeli lives – is that it put paid to the Two State Solution once and for all. Bibi made a huge mistake with that Bar Ilan speech of his, but I think he felt under pressure from Obama. He should have known better and stuck to his principles. At least now he seems to be walking his rhetoric back.

    More importantly, the Arabs don’t seem to care any more. They are paying no more than lip service to the Palestinians and their ridiculous demands from Israel via the international community. Israel seems to be at the height of its international relations davka now when Netanyahu and his government have dug in their heels.

    Now he needs to find the spine to legalize the remaining “illegal” settlements and permit the free construction of new ones and/or expand the existing ones. They are choking from lack of housing, and it is outrageous that Jews are not allowed to freely build homes on Jewish land. The way every purchase of property in places like Hebron are scrutinized and almost always disallowed by the courts is infuriating. The words of the Jews are never believed, but the Palestinians, who we must remember are under threat of death for daring to sell property to the Jews, are always believed when they renege on the deal. There should be a witness protection system for those Arabs who sell land and property to Israelis, and the courts have to be fairer towards their own people rather than bending over backwards to find fault with the Jews.

  4. Sheri Oz says:

    I like your idea of a witness protection plan. I have the feeling, if it included Israeli citizenship, there may be lots of takers.

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