“Palestine” Becomes A Country Without Much Effort At All

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  1. Sheri, it breaks my heart to read pieces like this for two reasons:
    1) The prophet Zechariah in chapter 12 says the whole world will come against Israel. It is obvious that this is the state of things today, hatred is coming from all quarters and you yourself have expressed how you are bending under the weight of it. He also prophesied the outcome.
    2)I want to encourage you in what you do to counter the lies but I know for sure in my heart it will only get worse.

    My prayer for you, for Israel, for the Jews, is that you will stand under the growing persecution and that you will live to see the One that all your Prophets spoke of. There are others like me who pray likewise.

  2. Thank you. I will of course, help to counter the lies where I can.

  3. anneinpt says:

    I think it is a mixture of all the options you cite: ignorance, laziness and an easy way to stick it to the Jews whike covering themselves with the halo effect of PC-ness and carinr for the ‘underdog’.

    I agree with you that it is an uphill battle and I sometimes fear it will never be won. All we can do is keep chipping away at the lies. You are doing a fine job of that but we need more support.

  4. “Sometimes it really feels we are fighting a battle for the truth that we cannot win.” So true but, as you know, we must keep on. I sometimes feel I am repeating the same news everyday but we must go on. I have been reporting the news and countering the lies about Israel for 20+ years now. And although my website traffic leaves much to be desired, the truth is published there nevertheless. Posting on Twitter also helps. And your writings offer a breath of fresh air to all who want the truth. Keep up the excellent work!

  1. March 23, 2018

    […] a country when it never was and still is not a country. On March 11, two days after I published a brief post about that, I sent an email to the journal editor with a copy to the corresponding author of the […]

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