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Asaf Liberman and Kalman interviewing Boaz Bismuth 0

Why is Likud boycotting Asaf Liberman?

Not every journalist who conducts television or radio interviews with individuals important to the state of our nation show tenacity in face of interviewee attempts to slip away from directly answering difficult questions.Asaf Liberman...

Naftali Bennett 2

Bennett Blinked First

At the end of his first year as Israel’s prime minister, Naftali Bennett was faced with the second critical decision point of his political life – the first, of course, being whether or not...

Head injury of youth in Lod Bnei Akiva terror attack 0

Terror in Bnei Akiva, Lod

Yesterday before 23:00, Lod burst into the news again when Arabs burst into a Bnei Akiva clubhouse and attacked Jewish youth.. Honenu, the organization that is representing the injured Jewish youth, released the first...