Northern Israel: Why is this not called a war yet?

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  1. John McDonagh says:

    I think the answer to the crazy situation Israel currently finds itself in regarding Hezbollah and its incessant bombardment lies in the pressure the Biden administration brought to bear on Israel back in October 2023. My understanding is that Israel was ready to preemptively strike Hezbollah but was told to stand down by the Americans. I don’t pretend to have insider information and there is clearly much that none of us are privy to, but something is very definitely off at a diplomatic level. The really crazy thing is that all-out war with Hezbollah is inevitable yet the current scenario allows Hezbollah to test and probe Israel’s defences. My guess is that Biden’s strategy is to appease Iran and bring down Netanyahu, whatever the cost to Israel.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      My understanding about October is the same as yours. And that pressure is being applied to this day. The soldiers are now telling the government to let them win the war the way they can or to get out — this dilly dallying is killing them, literally.

      • John McDonagh says:

        There’s another pause in the fighting in Gaza following the tragic casualties over the weekend too, which only adds to the already growing frustration. All these delays add up to a strategic disaster which is difficult to fathom, save for continuing WH pressure upon Israel. On a positive note, assuming all the Rafah crossings are now secure, Hamas/PIJ will hopefully be starved of
        ammunition at some point.

        • Sheri Oz says:

          There is not really a pause in the fighting, just a pause in the fighting along the road leading from one checkpoint through which humanitarian trucks pass.

          I do agree that the delays and dilly dallying is causing Israeli soldiers to die and is allowing Hamas to boobytrap buildings and roads in Rafah. Likely we are being strongarmed in ways the population does not know and that is why we are agreeing to these delays.

          And I’m with you in hoping that having secured the tunnels between Egypt and Gaza, we will starve Hamas of weapons and ammunition.

  2. shoshana says:

    We were commanded not to count on anyone but HaShem, not to lean on the broken reeds of foreign powers, a few thousand years back……Seems we are still making the same mistakes, understandable thought they are.

    I appreciate your clear headed calm reporting.

    I am looking for where to send ma’aaser money, to any organization that is working to bring sanity and unity to the situation so that perhaps the enemy will just change its mind and drift away without our having to fight them as looks like we will have to do if it keeps going on like this (yes, I am counting on miracles but there is hishtadlus to do to get us to where we might merit the miracles). Any suggestions?

    • Sheri Oz says:

      I am glad you appreciate my writing.
      Sorry, I don’t have any suggestions about where to donate funds. It is not something I have looked into.

  3. shoshana says:

    typo: should have said: “understandable though they are”

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