Israel’s war against Hamas. Part I: Angry things

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3 responses

  1. Israel Pickholtz says:

    Agree with every word.

  2. Hava says:

    I agree with Israel Pickholtz. It’s the most evil world out there that we’ve ever seen. No wonder that the parashiot we’re in now describe the situation we’re in.

    May G-d take out the HAMAS in this world: Not just the organization, but every type of hamas in the world, that caused Him to nearly obliterate the world: Robbery and hatred, and everything that goes with them, up to and including murder in the worst way.

  1. October 23, 2023

    […] added this item to my earlier post, Israel’s war against Hamas, Part I: Angry things but I think it deserves an article on its […]

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