Indigenous Archaeology: What Has It Got To Do With Arabs In Haifa?

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  1. Why not submit a letter to the editor of the journal and invite her to a rebuttal? I should think the journal would accept a letter from a non-archeaologist, since it gives them publicity…

  2. YJ Draiman says:

    Arab-Palestinians claim The Land of Israel aka Palestine as their territory for over millennia! If Palestine was the ancient homeland of an ancient people with their own strong sense of national identity, can anyone name, please, the most famous Arab-Palestinians produced in those centuries and millennia of history? Who was the most celebrated of all in the long line of Arab-Palestinian kings, or viceroys, or prime ministers? Which Arab-Palestinian poet or philosopher stirred the world with his words and ideas? Which great Arab-Palestinian scientist or inventor or composer or painter achieved international or even regional renown? The inability to answer that question doesn’t testify to a lack of ability or brilliance: it testifies to the synthetic, phony and deceptive nature of the invented “Arab-Palestinian” identity. There were no remarkable or brilliant kings of Arab-Palestine because there were no kings of Arab-Palestine at all—no Arab nation ever existed in this area, only ill-defined pieces of various Islamic, Turkic, Byzantine and Roman empires over the course of 2,000 years. The only time any national identity existed centered on this particular piece of real estate, that national identity was Jewish: that’s why the only famous “Palestinians” who ever existed in The Land of Israel were Jews, from King David and King Solomon to Jesus to Moses, Maimonides (died in Israel in 1215) to David Ben Gurion. No Arab “Palestinian” nationalism ever existed, as distinct from Pan-Arabism, until Yasser Arafat (born in Egypt, raised in Kuwait) prompted by the Soviets, invented it deceptively as a pure fabrication after Israel in a defensive war, defeated the Arab armies and liberated the historical Jewish territory occupied by Jordan in Judea and Samaria (West-Bank) and Egypt in Gaza in the June war of 1967.
    YJ Draiman

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