Elia Dakwar, Israeli Christian Critiques Israeli Hasbara

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  1. anneinpt says:

    Not sure I entirely agree. Maybe the Israeli government isn’t being strident enough but there are orgs like Memri and PMW whose message is so often derided or even banned from social media. . What then?

    Also, I am positive that the world indeed knows the true nature of Islam. It’s a bit hard to avoid nowadays. But either they are sh!t scared of them or need Muslim votes, and so choose to ignore what is staring them in the face.

    It’s so much easier to blame the Jews.

    In addition the “social justice generation” are incapable of considering that Israel might be right. They don’t want to hear.

  2. Gina Vinci says:

    In Canada now it is possible to be arrested for saying what you have stated in your article. Most people here don’t know anything about the Koran. We have been fed the line that we are tolerant,inclusive and generous and most people don’t go any further than this feel-good mindless tripe to actually read the koran, even a bit of it and learn what it says about ‘others.’ It’s a crisis of ignorance and mandated blindness. Trudeau will be gone next year though and changes will happen.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      I certainly hope you are right. Is it already next year that there are elections? I have not yet heard about candidates challenging him. Let us hope that next time Canada votes in somebody reasonable and respectable.

  3. Just a note of acknowledgement, as for a very good Posting. Thank you.

    • Sheri Oz says:

      Thank-you for expressing your appreciation. It is good to know when something strikes a chord.

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