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wartime diary of an israeli therapist 0

Sealing Out the Night – A Wartime Diary

About four days before the first bombs fell, I had the impulse to write down how I was feeling. Writing was always a tool I used for dealing with my emotions and for understanding...

An Israeli Leaves Sierra Leone 0

Coming Home: An Israeli in Sierra Leone

1 November 2014. I am writing now from Freetown, Sierra Leone, and in two days I will get off the plane at Ben Gurion Airport. Have you bought into the Ebola hysteria? Will you...

When a Judge Says She Was Raped 0

Sheri Oz: When a Judge Says She Was Raped

From the article: Allegations of rape seem to bring out all the arm-chair “experts” who talk as if they know the truth about what “really” happened and are not meek about sharing their “expertise”...