“Bring them Home” is wrong. Here’s why

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5 responses

  1. Brilliant! I hope enough people are listening.

    • Steve Blowers says:

      Great idea. The death of the first born was the final plague that broke Pharoah but Hamas have far harder hearts. They wail in Gaza about the deaths of their children but Hamas do not care. Cutting sll humanitarian aid, indeed, never giving it in the first place, would likely have broken Hamas and/or led to the people in Gaza rising up against their rulers.

  2. Gidon Ariel says:

    The thing is that you are a smart individual writing a great but single blog post, and the anti Bibi campaign is run by a team of professionals backed by millions ????

  3. moshe dann says:

    What can Israel do when the Biden administration insists on supplying Gazans — and Israel depends on US support?

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