Israeli MK Ayman Odeh Asks For Unity In Israel

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  1. ronbarak says:

    The FB machine translation is appalling.

    These are the Google Translate results (which are not much better):

    We got out of the folds of the full moon farewell
    It is necessary to thank us
    O Envoy to us, I have come to the commandment
    What revival is this? Any value coup on the concepts of ignorance? Any unit after dispersing? Any global ambition after tribal mourning ?!
    From these great values, we call for ethics, for national unity in the face of evil: the continuation of the occupation, which is racial discrimination, which is to fight the self-da’i, outward or hidden, for a civilized, dignified and civilized society.
    On the occasion of the new Hijri year we say that, despite obstacles, capable and capable.
    Every year you are a thousand good.

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