Author: Sheri Oz


The Holocaust is Not Our Moral Compass

Don’t dare tell me that we, of all people, should know better. I do not accept this from anyone – not the non-Jew and not the Jew. The Holocaust was something that happened to...

families give out candies to celebrate shaheedi status 6

How Many Candies is a Jewish Life Worth?

I am just wondering about proportionality and disproportionality regarding the relative numbers of candies tossed about to ecstatic Palestinian Arabs celebrating each newly decorated shaheed (martyr). What I mean is: Are the same number...

Stav Shaffir J Street Gala 2016 11

Stav Shaffir: Asking for a Revolution

At the JStreet Gala on 18 April 2016, MK Stav Shaffir asked for something revolutionary to happen in Israel. She declared: In the exact same way we have revolutionized Israel’s economic and transparency challenges...