Arabs Against Themselves, Part I – Even MADA is not safe in Arab towns

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  1. anneinpt says:

    It is shocking but not surprising for anyone who has been following the state of anarchy that reigns in the Arab sector. I am not generalizing, and of course there are many, probably the majority, of Arab Israelis who are good, loyal and respectful citizens. I meet many of them at my volunteer work in Schneider Hospital in Petach Tikva and I have enormous respect and admiration for them.

    But the numbers are irrelevant. As long as extremists and loudmouths are allowed to take control, and as long as the number of guns and other weapons are freely available (how??) in this sector, the situation is not going to right itself. The Arab extremists, many aligned with terror organizations terrorise first and foremost their own citizens. Until they are overcome nothing will change. And the only way to overcome them will sadly probably need the army, not the police.

    I cannot BEAR the hypocrisy of the Arab MKs who demand the police “do something” to fight this reign of terror of Arab-on-Arab violence. But when the police do enter Arab towns these same MKs are the first to condemn the police for violence or incitement or whatever.

    As for MDA, I feel extremely sorry for them. They are facing an impossible situation. I am hugely impressed that they have MDA stations and volunteers in Arab towns, kol hakavod to them. But they probably chose not to respond “la’inyan” in order not to be accused of political incorrectness. They have to stay neutral and be seen as staying neutral.

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