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UNGA recognition of Palestine: Does it Matter? 0

UNGA Recognition of “Palestine”: Does It Matter?

I am guilty of trying to convince myself that United Nations General Assembly acceptance of “Palestine” as a nonmember observer state is of no real consequence. And of trying to convince myself that UNESCO...

a lie told by Wilmer in her academic paper 8

Academic Lies! And This Passes For Scholarship!

In critiquing an academic paper that was published in the journal, International Relations and Diplomacy, I found a blatant lie that made my blood boil. In another post critiquing this same article, I showed...

Palestinian Identity: questionmark on the Palestinian flag 7

Palestinian Identity: Beginning A Serious Study

In a discussion about a supposed long-standing Palestinian identity, a Facebook friend asked me to provide him with primary sources that would allow him to re-examine his assumptions. I decided to look into academic...