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Academic studies from various disciplines tackle issues related to Israel. I will critically and fairly examine published articles that find their way to my screen.

Ashkenazi Jews DNA 3

Who Cares Where Ashkenazi Jews Come From?

Why does anyone care where Ashkenazi Jews come from? And who exactly are the ones doing the caring? Medical researchers care. Historians care. Population geographers care. Genealogists care. Antisemites care. And Jews care. Did...

map of the mediterranean region - who is afraid of the khazars? 4

To Khazaria & Back OR Who is Afraid of Khazars?

For some reason, the Khazar theory has gained a reputation as implying that Ashkenazi Jews are not indigenous to Israel. Anyone who does not come out strongly against the Khazar theory is scorned. In...

history of jewish self=loathing 1

Long History of Jewish Self-Loathing

As a long-time Zionist, I was exposed years ago to Jews who seem to think Zionists are evil incarnate. I have resisted using the term, self-loathing, to describe these members of the tribe. Guess...

Oslo II what did peres and abbas expect 0

Oslo II: What Did Peres and Abbas Expect?

This is my summary and critique of an article from 1996 that included reviews of two books (one by Peres and the other by Abbas) (citation below). I bring this here now because we...